Growing Hemp at Bravo Botanicals – Keene Sentinel Feature

| Bravo News

The Keene Sentinel did a feature story on Bravo Botanicals CBD. Here’s part of it that talks about growing hemp in Vermont:

While the hemp plant may look lovely and smell delightful on its own, its natural beauty is enhanced by the farming practices Loughney employs. Loughney believes in using the no-till technique to protect the microorganisms already present in the soil.

By avoiding major disruption to the soil, Loughney said the carbon remains sequestered. In addition, he brews his own compost tea which can be sprayed on the leaves or directly into the soil.

“The compost tea introduces beneficial microorganisms and there is a symbiosis where the plants will get everything they need from the soil,” Loughney said.

In late September, the hemp plants are ready to harvest. The flower buds are dried in a barn and cured before being sent to a processor. As with everything else Bravo Botanicals does, the processor was selected with care and for the integrity with which they treat the plants.


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