Keeping Our Vermont Farm Green

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Bravo Botanicals grows hemp on a family farm in Southern Vermont. This land has been in agricultural use for over 200 years. Until about 20 years ago these three hundred acres had been a dairy farm with open fields for grazing and diverse wooded hillsides for timber harvesting. We like to think Vermont always looks […]

Can I Buy CBD on Amazon?

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From time to time I hear this question, and at first glance the answer might seem to be: “of course you can buy CBD on Amazon – you can buy everything on Amazon.” But wait just a minute – CBD is actually on Amazon’s list of restricted products, right beside THC. Although the 2018 Farm […]

The Harvest is In!

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Once again, it’s that time of the season when we celebrate the great abundance of hemp harvest. It’s been an exceptional year for the hemp, showing amazing resilience in the face of frequent and often heavy rain. Now we are benefiting from the fruits…flowers??…of our labor, though, if we’re being honest, the plants do most […]

You should be able to throw a squirrel through the middle

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As a cultivator and caretaker of fruit trees, one of the more interesting metrics I’ve encountered regarding pruning is that one should be able to toss a cat through the center of a trimmed tree without them bumping into any branches as they pass through. Since hemp plants are smaller than fruit trees, we decided […]

Why don’t we till the soil?

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Humans have developed an extraordinary capacity to greatly alter our landscape. Does that mean that we should? Where does our responsibility lie as visitors on this magnificent planet? As usual, we learn from the deep and extraordinary intelligence of nature. Disruption does occur on a broad spectrum in our natural world. It could be as […]

Cover Cropping for Earth Care

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Ah, Spring in Vermont. 70 degrees one day. Eight inches of heavy wet snow a couple days after that. Sprinkle in a little sideways hail with some high winds yesterday and a feathery light snow this morning. The Earth is shaking off her winter slumber, trying on some different weather outfits and gearing up for […]

A peek into our post-harvest process

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There are so many ways to do things and exponentially more to interpret what’s been done. Even with our intentions to keep our process and products deliberately simple, we’re amazed by the number of choices each one still demands. Our promise to you is that we will be clear and forthright about our decisions in […]

There’s a Cat Brain In Your Gut

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Your body is a universe upon itself. And an intelligent one at that. Current science estimates the number of neurons in the human gut at approximately 100 million. Wait, aren’t neurons the basic working unit of the brain? What are so many of them doing in our gut? Well, it turns out that your gut […]

Northeast Leaf profile piece (Oct 2020)

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Bravo was recently featured in the new regional cannabis magazine called Northeast Leaf. Our story begins on page 28 and you can read it online by clicking here. Look for a free print copy in a cannabis-friendly store near you!  It’s a lovely large format.  Enjoy!

CBD and COVID-19 (Oct 2020)

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A recent study suggests that the properties of CBD can help to mitigate immune-system overreaction in the face of respiratory distress read more