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CBD Drops (500 mg or 1200 mg)

081920, 090520, 100220, 110420, 120520

121020, 121920

011521, 031721, 051721


061521, 0615212

CBD Shea Cream

Shea Cream 320mg (NEW)

Shea Cream 240mg

CBD Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil


Hemp Flower Safety Profile Screens

Pesticide Screen

Mycotoxin Screen

Microbiological Contaminant Screen

Heavy Metals Screen


Vermont Organic Farmers

2020 Certificate of Compliance

2019 Certificate of Compliance

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets Licenses

2020 Grower/Processor Combined Permit

2019 Grower Permit

2019 Processor Permit

2019 Grower Extension


Bravo tests every CBD extraction (CO2, Full Spectrum) so you can use Bravo CBD products with complete confidence.

Bravo CBD Drops are formulated to a consistent 40mg of CBD per mL of oil. (We allow a 2.5% deviation below 40 and 10% above)

THC levels are always within the federally accepted limit of 0.3%.