Organic CBD Shea Cream 450 mg

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Luxurious Cream for Topical Relief

  • 450 mg of CBD per jar
  • CO2 extraction produces clean, smooth oil
  • Jojoba Oil enriches skin health
  • Lemongrass Oil reduces inflammation
  • No chemicals, no solvents
  • 1/4 tsp contains 12 mg CBD
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Bravo’s original Organic CBD Shea Cream combines refined Shea Butter with the finest high-CBD Hemp Extract to bring you a luxurious topical that can soothe your aches and pains. The shea butter is whipped for a long time, creating a light, aerated feel for smooth topical application. The Jojoba oil base brings a variety of rejuvenating benefits and the Lemongrass essential oil adds a subtle and invigorating fresh scent that also features a wide range of medicinal properties. Apply generously to muscles and joints as needed.

Why use CBD? Your body has a native endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for monitoring and regulating the functions of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters effect your mood, immune system, and cognitive function, among other biological processes. When your body does not produce enough cannabinoids naturally, communication channels suffer and your body may have a challenging time reducing inflammation. Thankfully, you can supplement your body’s natural system through the phytocannabinoids (plant-based) that are present in hemp. An analogy that we like to use presents your ECS as the “switchboard operator” who is waiting patiently behind the scenes to make the necessary connections. Adding our Organic CBD Shea Cream and other hemp-based products to your wellness regimen gives the switchboard operator the know-how and the confidence to connect the right wires to the right places, making sure the call goes through as intended.

Since 2018, Bravo Botanicals has been pursuing methods to cultivate the healthiest hemp plants which produce the best organic CBD oil to help you maintain and improve your wellness. Our legacy line of products features a CBD oil extracted with CO2, performed artfully by our friends at Kria Botanicals in Burlington, Vermont. This clean and pure Full Spectrum alcohol-free oil contains the wide range of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. Our carrier oil is Jojoba Oil, shown to have numerous benefits to encourage healthy skin.

Looking for an extra kick and a different scent? Try our extra-strength Organic CBD Shea Cream with Eucalyptus Oil and 900 mg of CBD per jar.

7 reviews for Organic CBD Shea Cream 450 mg

  1. Amy Luttinger (verified owner)

    I am SO impressed with how this product.
    I have arthritis and inflammation in my knees, and they feel better almost instantly after applying this.
    And I love the lemongrass scent!
    I just ordered more for myself, and some as gifts for friends.
    It is making a big difference in my life! Thank you Bravo!

  2. Ccac (verified owner)

    My husband and I have arthritis severe and I also have fibromyalgia. This works wonderful and almost instantly.

  3. Ccac (verified owner)

    The shea cream is wonderful and almost instant. I had ordered 2 shea creams, 1 for me and 1 for my husband. We hardly used them and then they disappeared. I am ordering right now.

    • Andy from Bravo (store manager)

      Where did they disappear to???

  4. Theresa

    The Shea butter CBD cream helps me get comfortable at night. I have degenerative disks in my neck and it helps with the inflammation.

    • Andy from Bravo (store manager)

      Thanks for sharing Theresa. Testimonials such as yours make our work feel even more worthwhile.

  5. Lynda

    This CBD is making my life so much easier. Between the Rheumatoid Arthritis and working out at the gym I have many painful areas but I use this and it really helps! It’s goes on nice and smoothly, not greasy and the smell is pleasant. I recently hurt my shoulder at the gym and was afraid I may have torn something. I put some Bravo CBD on and the next morning I was pain free. Great stuff.

  6. Scott Williams (verified owner)

    This CBD cream works wonders! It has a smooth and light texture with a pleasing aroma. It works into the skin quite easily and within a few minutes alleviates my painful joints. I suffer from stenosis in my neck. This pain at times can be extremely debilitating. The Bravo Shea CBD cream helps reduce inflammation and pain very well.

  7. Claudell W. (verified owner)

    Excellent you can feel it working

    • Andy from Bravo (store manager)

      Glad to hear it is so effective for you Claudell!

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