There’s a Cat Brain In Your Gut

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Your body is a universe upon itself. And an intelligent one at that. Current science estimates the number of neurons in the human gut at approximately 100 million. Wait, aren’t neurons the basic working unit of the brain? What are so many of them doing in our gut? Well, it turns out that your gut […]

Useful Articles About CBD

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VT CBD hemp bud

At Bravo Botanicals, we’re always looking for good information about hemp and CBD. Here are a few articles about CBD we’ve found that you might find informative: is a great resource for all things CBD.

A New Industry Buds in Southern Vermont

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CBD hemp seedlings in rows

“A New Industry Buds in Southern Vermont” is the title of a story about Bravo Botanicals in the local paper, the¬†Brattleboro Reformer, Oct 6, 2018.

From each plant, James and Loughney will harvest about one pound of dried product. They get about two liters of CBD oil from three pounds of dried hemp.