Vermont Public Radio Features Bravo Botanicals

| Bravo News

VPR did a feature story on Bravo Botanicals, CBD, and growing hemp in Guilford, Vermont called “Vermont Hemp Growers, Processors Look Back On A Season Of Lessons Learned”.

The barn behind Ben James’s house in Guilford looks just like any other barn you’d see along a dirt road in Vermont. On its outside, weathered red clapboards suggest a more productive past, when cows and sheep roamed the fields, while today it looks more like a garage with tools and sports equipment littered about.

But upon following James inside, he peels back a floor-to-ceiling piece of plastic to reveal hundreds of hemp branches, hanging from long poles that are secured to the barn rafters overhead.

“So here we have our drying room,” James said. Fans are set up and buzzing. “And as you can see, we get very large buds — like arm-sized buds.”

These sticky buds are packed with cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which James says will eventually make its way into the products he and his partner produce for their company, Bravo Botanicals.

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