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Bravo Botanicals’ CBD Drops are crafted from Certified Organic hemp grown in Vermont. No-till farming methods promote healthy soil, resulting in robust plants that are rich in beneficial oils. Our CO2 extraction methods ensure a clean and pure Full Spectrum alcohol-free oil which contains the wide range of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. Our carrier oil is MCT, derived from coconuts and shown to support brain health.

1 mL contains 40 mg CBD and less than 0.3% THC as dictated by federal standards and verified by third-party laboratory testing.

Natural Flavor.  Suitable for Pets.

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At approximately 40 mg per dropper, you can expect a soothing, balancing and revitalizing experience all the way down to the cellular level! Made with Vermont Organic Hemp Oil.

11 reviews for Organic CBD Drops 1200mg

  1. JEB

    Bravo cbd drops help me fall asleep and stay asleep. As a busy and somewhat overloaded working mom, what could be better? And they taste delicious!!!

  2. Antonino (verified owner)

    MY Anxiety has been so bad that I didn’t know what to do anymore, I had tried all the anxiety medicine and the harmful toxic pills, I was gaining weight and didn’t feel like my self , So I ended up trying a few CBD oil and still weren’t working until I discovered Bravo CBD oil what a life changer the Best CBD oil on the market every created really helps me and customer service is wonderful

  3. Angelina Benjamin (verified owner)

    After researching some of the best CBD products and most reputable businesses, I settled on two to test out. Both of which openly offer COA lab reports, pure full spectrum oil, and are clearly safe for both pet and human ingestion.

    After trying them— Bravo Botanicals is, hands down, top choice. I personally feel they’re oils are of higher quality, and definitely more enjoyable to the senses.

  4. Evelyn Barney

    A delightful Christmas gift from my son. I had been using 1:1 drops for pain but sometimes the THC hit me harder than I’d expected. This oil is delightful!

  5. Kate H.

    My experience is that this is high quality CBD, and I’d absolutely recommend it to others. The only thing I wished I paid more attention to (and hence, am leaving a review to encourage others to pay attention to it) is that the carrier oil is MCT. If you’ve never ingested MCT oil before, it might be good to check to see if you have negative reactions to it before purchasing this. Turns out that I’m in the camp of folks who have gastrointestinal issues with MCT, particularly on an empty stomach. 😅 I’m told this may change if I start eating more MCT, but that it might not change and that it’s not a rare reaction for someone new to MCT.

    But please don’t take this as a negative review. Rather, it’s a highly positive review with an anecdotal word of caution.

  6. Samantha Boothroyd

    Love the oil! Smells and tastes great. It helps greatly with my anxiety. Cheaper than most online and I trust the source!

  7. Daniel Mossell

    By far the best CBD oil I have ever tried. As soon as you put it in your mouth you can feel how this product is alive and vibrant!!
    Absolutely love it.

    • Andy from Bravo (store manager)

      Many thanks Dr. Dan! We take great care to nurture our plants and all of the life surrounding them and we are happy to hear that it’s enhancing your experience. Stay well!

  8. Steve J. (verified owner)

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    I absolutely love the CBD from Bravo. High quality at a reasonable price. Ordering and shipping process was extremely easy as well.

    • Andy from Bravo (store manager)

      Thanks Steve. You really summed up our mission with “high quality at a reasonable price” and we are happy that the whole process worked well for you!

  9. Kathleen C. (verified owner)

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    CBD drops are made with utmost integrity and very high standards.I find this product very helpful for my overall health.
    Thank you,K

  10. Barbara Z. (verified owner)

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    would definitely be a 5 if it had a little more THC in it 🙂

    • Andy from Bravo (store manager)

      We legally cannot sell a CBD product with more THC in it so please don’t hold that against us! Ours is a full spectrum oil from the hemp plant that contains all of the cannabinoids present in the flower buds. We grow varieties high in CBD with low levels of THC, per the definition of hemp. Take a visit to your local dispensary for a wider selection of cannabinoids!

  11. craig s. (verified owner)

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    Very best quality CBD. They are very service oriented and since I was a return customer, they corrected the address on my online order which I messed up. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    • Andy from Bravo (store manager)

      Thanks for your continued support Craig! We enjoy the interaction and opportunity to be responsive to our customers.

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